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“Keeping three horses looking and feeling their best in the harsh Florida summer is a task in itself. I’ve now used all three of the Duchess Elite Equine Products and have been very pleased with the results. I like using the products because I also know they are safe for me to apply without having to wear gloves. I believe in the mission of this company and knew I wanted to join their team!”


Amy OxendineCompetitive Drill Team Rider

“My horse has a high play drive, and with that, he has given me a lot of material to test my products out on!  He gashed himself quite deeply on his forehead, but the vet was not able to suture the wound closed because of the location. I cleaned his wound daily and applied “Duchess Healing Cream”.  Within a month the wound was healed and his hair even grew back!!!  What I really love about this product, it that is does not melt, forms a protective barrier and keeps the flies away.”

These products work!  It’s also very nice to be using products with all natural ingredients, and not full of chemicals that are potentially toxic!
Tim RussellRider

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This is a  Duchess Healing Cream before and after testimonial.  I am given ample opportunities to heal their wounds since my horses always seem to have some kind of scrape, bump or bite. I brought my horse inside the barn from his pasture.…
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