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Mosquito, No See-ums & Fly Sheets

Which One Do I Buy

Over the years I have tried almost every brand of fly sheet for my horse.  However, I have finally found the magic sheet, and I will tell you why.

First, I live in SW Florida, it is hot here, and loaded with all sorts of biting insects basically throughout the entire year.  Since my poor horse is allergic to mosquito bites, and especially no-see-ums, battling his constant skin issues and allergies actually led to the birth of my company, Duchess Elite Equine Products!!

fly sheet rub preventer

Xapado in his sexy Robin Hood

Body Conformation

My horse’s ample chest posed to be a challenge in finding a fly sheet that fit across his chest comfortably, and not cause significant rubbing or hair loss. I had originally thought I had found a great sheet with the Smart Pak Rockin’ SP Quarter Horse fit, but it did not fit the chest on my Lusitano! I ended up having to buy a Robinhood neck protector to stop the rubbing on his chest.  Also, I found that the hole size of the fabric was too big, and he was still getting bitten! In addition, the fabric seemed a bit too thick, and did not provide enough ventilation.  You can imagine how awful I felt putting a blanket on my horse when it was 98 degrees outside!!!! Lightweight and breathability is a must!

Built for Florida

Then, I found the Fly Turtle…The Fly Turtle is constructed of a unique thermoset nylon mesh that combines extreme lightweight with incredible durability.  It is almost like my horse is wearing nothing at all.  Constructed with a very fine mesh that prevents the smallest of insects from biting through. It does not cling to the horse like other brands, this allows the air to flow through freely.

Xapado modeling his Turtle

If your horse is allergic to bites from gnats, midges, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, or other flying insects then this fly sheet is an excellent choice.  The Fly Turtle has long sides with a belly flap on each side that can be wrapped underneath and secured with elastic straps for more protection.  The mesh fabric is waterproof and will not retain moisture.  The sheet washes well, and I am going on my second summer of its use.



Love your horse!

Natasha and Xapado

Eros & Xapado modeling their Florida summer wear.

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