Duchess Healing Cream Before and After

This is a  Duchess Healing Cream before and after testimonial.  I am given ample opportunities to heal their wounds since my horses always seem to have some kind of scrape, bump or bite.

I brought my horse inside the barn from his pasture.  Noticing his foot was covered with flies,  I proceeded to take him over to the wash rack to have a closer look.  After washing off his foot thoroughly,  this is what I found…

summer sore, sore on a horse's foot, blown abscess

Sore on my horse’s foot

Really? OMG!!!  I was so focused on the wound, and what I thought may be a summer sore, I didn’t even notice the gash/explosion on his heel…what, you say?  Yes, it’s true…summer sores are a huge problem down here in Florida, and if not treated properly and quickly, they can turn into a nasty problem.

Luckily, I was able to quickly resolve this wound, and here is what I did.  First, I assembled from my first-aid cabinet these necessary barn essentials:

first aid supplies, duchess healing cream, butadiene, 4x4 guaze

First aid supplies for horses

  • 10% Betadine Solution
  • 4×4 gauze pads
  • 2×2 gauze pads
  • Vet-Wrap or sometimes called Coban
  • Duchess Healing Cream

After washing his foot thoroughly with water, I soaked a 4×4 gauze pad with Betadine Solution and gently cleaned the wound.  The best practice is to start cleaning from the center of any wound and work your way out. Do not re-use the dirty gauze pad on a previously cleaned area.

horse hoof sore, summer sore, clean hoof wound

Scrubbed and cleaned ready for Duchess Healing Cream

I then applied a generous coating of Duchess Healing Cream, covered the wound with a 2×2 gauze pad and securely wrapped his foot with Vet-Wrap.

applied duchess healing cream, ready for vet wrap

Duchess Healing Cream

gauze pad before wrapping

2×2 gauze pad

vet wrap, horse hoof with vet wrap

Duchess Purple Vet Wrap!

Most importantly, I kept his foot as dry as possible and repeated the above steps daily for one week.

healed hoof, hoof abscess site

Healed hoof

Progress, after two weeks his wound was healed and his foot is growing out nicely.

First and foremost, there was not a definitive diagnosis done by a licensed veterinarian, but I think it’s safe to say my horse had blown an abscess through his heel. With prompt attention and conscientious care, I was able to effectively treat my horse’s wound. Furthermore, I have more than 30 years of horse ownership and an extensive human surgical background.

As with any equine injury, use common sense and seek the advice of a licensed medical professional if you are unsure of your horse’s injury or the wound is non-healing.  Everyday my horse’s wound looked better, and he never took a lame step, therefore, I was confident in the care of his wound.

Love your horse!

Natasha and Xapado