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Icelandic Horse Adventure

Traveling for Horses Riding horses is my passion!  Consequently, this means travel is centered around whether I can ride horses when I get there or not!  Recently, on a trip to Iceland, I had the thrill of riding a horse that looks like an adorable, life-sized plush toy! I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in Iceland, make a point to ride an Icelandic Horse.  The horses will take care of you, and most […]


Special Equestrians – Guinness The Rescue Pony

Guinness The Rescue Pony Special Equestrians has written and published their very own special book about two of the dedicated therapy/program horses, Guinness and Lacey.  This book was written by Julia Haring and beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Kauffman.  One of Florida Gulf Coast University’s  senior classes was instrumental in helping write this heart warming story. The book was graciously published with a grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwest Florida. This book will be used as part […]

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Summer Sore Treatment

Recipe For Disaster What do you get when you combine lush summer grass in Florida, a pudgy mini horse, and steroids?…laminitis. My miniature horse Guinness had a scary bout of laminitis recently after being on the steroid Dexamethasone for a week to treat a summer sore. Guinness has always been healthy and never caused any problems. He had a large summer sore on his sheath and after taking him to get it checked out by […]

Equestrian Roulette – Flip flops, horses and gators, oh my!!!

  This is how you play equestrian roulette, and this is what happens when you don’t put safety first!!!  Believe me, it’s so much easier living in a hot, and humid climate such as Florida, to put on a pair of flip flops and go feed the horses.  It’s early, it’s already 95% humidity at 6:30 in the morning, and my horses are neighing in their stalls for their breakfast. Without thought, I quickly slip […]


Duchess Healing Cream Before and After

This is a  Duchess Healing Cream before and after testimonial.  I am given ample opportunities to heal their wounds since my horses always seem to have some kind of scrape, bump or bite. I brought my horse inside the barn from his pasture.  Noticing his foot was covered with flies,  I proceeded to take him over to the wash rack to have a closer look.  After washing off his foot thoroughly,  this is what I […]

Dressage Horse Show Etiquette

COMPETING FROM THE SCRIBE’S POINT OF VIEW – Dressage Horse Show Etiquette Reprinted with permission, written by Martha Koehnlein and Caryl Faso Caryl and I have both been scribing for many years. After every show, we usually talk about mistakes that riders make, many times the same ones over and over again. So we decided to write an article about things that competitors do wrong (or poorly) that would be easy to fix. Some things are […]

Camping With Your Horse

Going on a camping trip with your horse is a must-do for all adventurous horse lovers. Over the Easter holiday I went to Alafia River State Park with a group of friends. Throughout our four day stay, we managed to get in six rides. All were amazing with lots of cantering through the rolling Florida hills (yes, we found hills in Florida), watching the sun rise, and enjoying the abundance of wildlife including turkey, armadillo, […]

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Mosquito, No See-ums & Fly Sheets

Which One Do I Buy Over the years I have tried almost every brand of fly sheet for my horse.  However, I have finally found the magic sheet, and I will tell you why. First, I live in SW Florida, it is hot here, and loaded with all sorts of biting insects basically throughout the entire year.  Since my poor horse is allergic to mosquito bites, and especially no-see-ums, battling his constant skin issues and […]

A Miniature Horse at the Bar?

With hooves polished, a fresh bath, tail and coat brushed, and gold glitter sprinkled in his mane for some added sparkle, my miniature horse, Guinness, was ready for his night out on the town at the 2017  Taste of Love fundraiser for Special Equestrians, Inc. http://www.specialequestrians.net/.  This annual fundraiser is a food and wine pairing, with silent and live auction items all to raise money for the riders and horses at Special Equestrians. As a […]

Living with Flies and Mosquitos

Duchess Natural Insect Repellent Flies! Evil, evil, flies!!!  As I sit in my chair and write this post, I can hear the sound of my horses stomping their feet in their stalls.  I do everything I can to minimize the number of flies around the ranch, but they still are present.  Argh!!! What I have learned in my many years of horse keeping is, at best, we can lessen them, but not fully eradicate them. Unless, you wouldn’t […]